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Based on our signature patented design setting, our Eleganza Necklace features a laser-inscribed, fixed solitaire pendant.
DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® includes a Certificate of Authenticity, Note from Kathy, patent-pending jewelry box, and branded leather pouch to prevent tangles while traveling with each accompanying purchase.


Inspired by the spectacular panoramic views of the picturesque city of Florence, the Eleganza is reminiscent of the range of architectural styles from the Renaissance to Baroque; in an homage to Florence as both the heart of the Italian Renaissance and history of past eras, the Eleganza's delicate aesthetic is a symbolic tribute to the vast architectural marvels—palaces, cathedrals, and churches—as well as the renown galleries and museums that house the most important works of the Renaissance.


The Eleganza Necklace is offered in six various size options, based on diameter measurements in millimeters, ranging from 5.2mm, 6.1mm, 6.4mm, 7.4mm, 8.2mm, to 9.4mm, available in platinum.

Necklaces from Our Love Collection are designed 18 inches in length, with an extra loop that can shorten the chain to 16 inches in length.


The Eleganza Necklace guarantees the following minimum platinum and total carat weights for each corresponding DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® size as 0.63g and 0.16tcw for 5.2mm size, 0.91g and 0.28tcw for 6.1mm size, 0.89g and 0.34tcw for 6.4mm size, 1.25g and 0.51tcw for 7.4mm size, 1.33g and 0.61tcw for 8.2mm size, and 1.93g and 0.95tcw for 9.4mm size.


Pricing for the Eleganza Necklace is determined by each of the six various DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® size options, ranging from $1,800 for 5.2mm size, $2,500 for 6.1mm size, $2,900 for 6.4mm size, $4,600 for 7.4mm size, $5,800 for 8.2mm size, and $10,100 for 9.4mm size, ensuring that the Eleganza Necklace will be perfect for both a custom fit, and budget.

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