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The Eternità Ring embodies the DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® patented design setting, adorned by a beautifully finished, laser-inscribed platinum shank, decorated with 10 eternity style pave set diamonds, 5 on each side.
DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® includes a Certificate of Authenticity, Note from Kathy, patent-pending jewelry box, and branded leather pouch for traveling with each accompanying purchase; additionally, for those we wish to propose with a ring from Our Love Collection, we have created a sleek, mini version of our jewelry box with an accordion style opening, confirming ease and comfort while safekeeping, or when you pop the question!


Featuring a platinum band skillfully adorned with 5 eternity style pave diamonds set on either side of the head stone, the Eternità style both complements, and simultaneously enhances the beautiful simplicity and delicate sophistication evoked by the solitaire-style classic aesthetic.

Inspired by the Italian Riviera, which stretches vastly across the Italian French border to the Tuscan border, the pave style band characteristic of the Eternità aesthetic accentuates the scintillating brilliance of the head stone featured in the DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® patented setting, exquisitely creating a seemingly infinite, eternal radiance.


The Eternità Ring is available in six various size options, based on diameter measurements in millimeters, ranging from 5.2mm, 6.1mm, 6.4mm, 7.4mm, 8.2mm, to 9.4mm. In addition to platinum, the Eternità Ring is available in both 18k yellow, and 18k rose gold respectively.


The Eternità Ring guarantees the following minimum platinum and total carat weights for each corresponding DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® size as 3.32g and 0.22tcw for 5.2mm size, 3.45g and 0.34tcw for 6.1mm size, 3.68g and 0.40tcw for 6.4mm size, 4.27g and 0.57tcw for 7.4mm size, 4.64g and 0.70tcw for 8.2mm size, and 5.73g and 1.11tcw for 9.4mm size.


Pricing for the Eternità Ring is determined by each of the six various DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® size options, ranging from $2,000 for 5.2mm size, $2,600 for 6.1mm size, $3,100 for 6.4mm size, $4,800 for 7.4mm size, $6,100 for 8.2mm size, and $11,000 for 9.4mm size, ensuring the Eternità Ring is a perfectly paired fit for both your finger and budget.

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