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Based on our signature patented design setting, our Classico Necklace features a laser-inscribed, sliding solitaire pendant; incorporating a single bale, the intentionally versatile design creates a loop for the chain to string through, affixing the pendant in a secure, yet fashionable hold that is easy to center and/or adjust.
DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® includes a Certificate of Authenticity, Note from Kathy, patent-pending jewelry box, and branded leather pouch to prevent tangles while traveling with each accompanying purchase.


Embracing the timeless sophistication DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® Our Love Collection accentuates the beautiful simplicity of a contemporary, but simultaneously traditional, minimalist aesthetic. Reminiscent of the engineering feats and architectural marvels of the Pantheon, the Classico’s aesthetic celebrates a patented design setting, gracefully inspired by the circular structure and architectural nature of the Pantheon’s portico and rotunda, evoking sentiments of both romantic and contemporary classism.


The Classico Necklace is offered in six various size options, based on diameter measurements in millimeters, ranging from 5.2mm, 6.1mm, 6.4mm, 7.4mm, 8.2mm, to 9.4mm, available in platinum.

Necklaces from Our Love Collection are designed 18 inches in length, with an extra loop that can shorten the chain to 16 inches in length.


The Classico Necklace guarantees the following minimum platinum and total carat weights for each corresponding DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® size as 0.66g and 0.16tcw for 5.2mm size, 1.07g and 0.28tcw for 6.1mm size, 1.10g and 0.32tcw for 6.4mm size, 1.03g and 0.50tcw for 7.4mm size, 1.69g and 0.61tcw for 8.2mm size, and 2.61g and 0.94tcw for 9.4mm size.


Pricing for the Classico Necklace is determined by each of the six various DIAMONDS by kathy ireland® size options, ranging from $2,100 for 5.2mm size, $2,700 for 6.1mm size, $3,200 for 6.4mm size, $4,900 for 7.4mm size, $6,100 for 8.2mm size, and $10,600 for 9.4mm size, ensuring that the Classico Necklace will be the perfect pair for both a custom fit, and budget.

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